12.1  Once a yellow flag is shown, all cars must slow down to an idle speed and fall into a single file behind the pace cars or leading race cars, and wait for the track to be cleared of any obstacles.
12.2  All competitors will move into a singe file starting position at the end of the last completed racing lap.
12.3  No competitor is allowed to stop during a yellow flag and adjust his/her car or have discussions with a team member or mechanic. If for any reason this is done, the competitor will lose his/her position and move to the rear of the field.
12.4  A competitor will only be allowed to stop if signaled by the starter. He will be allowed to restart his/her original position, if so instructed.
12.5  If  two (2) or more competitors are involved in an accident and they are able to re-start, these competitors will be sent to the rear of the field, in the same order as they were running on the lap prior to the accident.
12.6  There may be no major repairs on a yellow flag if it has been involved in an accident. Once the push car is ready to re-start the car, the competitor must be ready to go. If a competitor delays the re-start, he will not be allowed to re-join the race.
12.6  If a competitor spins into the infield, and the track is clear, a yellow flag will not be brought out.
12.7  If a competitor spins off by himself and ends up on the racing surface, the yellow flag will be brought out and the competitor will be sent to the rear of the field.
12.8  If a competitor is spun into the infield by another competitor, he will be allowed to rejoin the race at the rear of the field and the perpetrator will be allowed to start behind the victim.
12.9  If a car is lagging behind during a restart, and is holding up any other competitor, he will be given a warning and if this warning is not adhered to the competitor will be sent to the rear of the field.
12.10  Laps completed under the yellow flag will not count as laps. The race will be re-started even if there is only 1 (one) lap remaining in the race. The race must be completed with a chequered flag during a full racing lap.
13.1  Once a red flag is shown, all competitors must immediately stop racing. The cars must be brought to a stop at the stop/start line and leave enough space for the push vehicle to restart the cars.
13.2  All consideration must be given to emergency crew.
13.3  No car may continue past the accident scene. if a competitor disobeys the red flag, he/she will immediately be dis-qualified.
13.4  During a red flag, cars may be checked or adjusted by the mechanic. If a competition delays the restart after repairs have been made to the car, he will not be allowed to re - join the race.
13.5 The re-start will be carried out under the same conditions as are applicable for a re - start under a yellow flag.
13.6 Once again, the race will be re-started even though there is only 1 (one) lap remaining. A race may be cancelled by the COC in the event of any serious injury.
13.7 A competitor may not leave his car at any time.
14.1 If any competitor is shown the black flag, he must immediately leave the racing surface.