The Track: Welkom Oval Track

The Date: 1st March 2003

The Event: The Third round of the 2003 Wynn’s Sprint Car Thunder series.

H = Hot, O = Oval, T = Track. “HOT” This is how it was, and this is how it was going to be. St Nick must have been out in full force. He must have known the “Wynn’s Sprint Cars” were coming to town and he was not going to miss out on this action. A full field pitched up and once again you new it would be a night to remember.

The racing surface took no hostages and tires would become a crucial factor. The qualifying session approached and soon it was decided who would be leading the pack. It seemed that St Nick not only wanted the weather his way, so a stick in the spokes, or should I say a rod through the block was imposed on Ivan Gray. A sad sight as they pushed the car off the track followed by a nasty oil strip. Anton Coetzee broke a drive line which prematurely ended his day. For the second week in succession Quintin Saayman snatched pole turning a 13-78 on the banked oval.

Qualify positions were as follows: 1st Quintin Saayman, 2nd Kenny Gouws, 3rd Cedric Saffy, 4th  Willem Zurich, 5th David Gobey, 6th Edward Saayman, 7th Alan Saffy, 8th Stan Hodkinson, 9th Johan Beukes, 10th Christopher Pieterse, 11th Johan Strause & 12th Frank Du Plessis   

Heat Race 1 Results: 1st Willem Zurich, 2nd Kenny Gouws, 3rd Edward Saayman, 4th Frank Du Plessis & 5th Stan Hodkinson.

Heat Race 2 Results: 1st Johan Beukes, 2nd David Gobey, 3rd Quintin Saayman, 4th Cedric Saffy & 5th Alan Saffy.

Six drivers missed the transfer spot and had to participate in the “B” Main and work there way back into the “A” Main.

B-Main Results: 1st Alan Saffy, 2nd Cedric Saffy, 3rd Stan Hodkinson, 4th Warrick Thompson, 5th Frank Du Plessis & 6th Johan Strause.

Interval arrived and soon passed. On the cards, a hair raising event that Welkom had not seen since the first robot had been installed some years back. The traditional SCRA three-wide salute once again had the crowds on their feet. 

The start saw Saayman heading into the turn one with the field followed closely behind. Kenny Gouws had to fend as Cedric Saffy pushed hard from behind and was not about to settle for the third spot. Running fourth, Willem Zurich had Edward Saayman on his tail. Edward got the jump on David Gobey passing him on the start. David had to settle for sixth as there was no space for error from the two drivers ahead. The Welkom Oval had drivers setting quick times one on another. 5 Laps into the “A” Main, the leaders found themselves lapping back markers. This was to count in Saffy’s favour when Gouws got held up by a slower car. Saffy took full advantage of the situation, passing Gouws into turn one.

20 Lap “A” Main Final Positions: Quintin Saayman, Cedric Saffy, Kenny Gouws, Willem Zurich, Edward Saayman, David Gobey, Alan Saffy, Stan Hodkinson, Johan Beukes, Johan Niemand, Frank Du Plessis  & Christopher Pieterse.

Series Points: Q-Saayman(55) C-Saffy(52) K-Gouws(46) E-Saayman(39) A-Saffy(37) W-Zurich(31) J-Beukes(28) S-Hodkinson(28) D-Gobey(24) I-Gray(21) A-Coetzee(17) C-Pieterse(16) J-Strause(13) F-Du-Plessis (6)

Next Meeting: Klerksdorp Oval - 12 April 2003.                                                                                                                                                                                                     Allen Gobey

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