2.1 Qualifying position will be drawn in order to maintain fairness and to indicate who will be the first to run qualify times.
2.2 All cars will be positioned on the infield or before the start of qualify.
2.3 Qualify will commence in the order as per draw. The driver of the car who drew No. 1 will be positioned on the track and he/she will be given 3 (three) hot laps before officially qualifying starts.
2.4 If a competitor comes to a halt after the first lap has started, that competitor will no longer be allowed to qualify.
2.5 If a competitor has a technical problem before the qualify laps has started, he must immediately notify the officials who will allow him to repair his car and after the last competitor has qualified, only then will he be allowed to qualify. If the car cannot be repaired before the last competitor has completed his qualifying rounds, then he will not be permitted to qualify.
2.6 A competitor, who arrives at the track while qualifying is in progress, will be allowed to qualify but only once the drivers have completed their qualifying laps. A competitor, who arrives at the track after qualifying, will not be allowed to qualify and will be started at the rear of the grid in all the races.
2.7 Once a competitor has started his qualifying laps and the timing device has a problem, he will be allowed to restart his qualifying laps.
2.8 The car which is used in qualifying, will be the car that will be used to take part in the race meeting. No spare cars will be allowed.
2.9 The right rear tyre used during qualifying will be the same tyre which is used in the A - main. If the qualifying tyre gets damaged in a heat race or the B - main, the competitor must notify the SCRA committee for inspection of the damaged tyre and the replacement tyre before he can run the A - main event. The two top qualifiers for the evening will do the inspection with the committee.
2.10 There will be only one qualify session, starting at 6 o' clock.