Qualifying will be divided in four groups, being A, B, C & D
3.1 Group A: This is a competitor who completed qualifying laps and finished in +/- 3 positions in the heat races or "B" Main, that puts them in their qualifying position in the A - main e.g. If you qualified on pole you start on pole position and so on.
3.2 Group B: This is a competitor who completed qualifying, heat races and the "B" Main, but missed the transfer spot by not finishing within the top qualifiers. These competitors will start behind the races in group A in qualifying position.
3.3 Group C: A competitor who did not finish his heat race or B - main or both will start behind Group B.
3.4 Group D: A competitor who did not do his qualifying time trials but managed to transfer himself to the A - main will have to start behind all the competitors who did their Qualifying time trials.