The Track: Klerksdorp Oval Track

The Date: 22 February 2003

The Event: The Second round of the 2003 Wynn’s Sprint Car Thunder series.

Willy Zurich (Left), Quintin Saayman (Middle), Cedric Saffy (Right)

Arriving at the track, perfect conditions awaited all. You could see these drivers were not here for just any race meeting, as new tires seemed “The order of the Day”. Final setups were being made and cars were being checked and re-checked. Sporting new colors, the Trevor Moore car driven by Warrick Thompson, had made a complete recovery after making contact with the wall on the previous meeting. The all familiar car of Willy Zurrich made a rare appearance as Willy had been recovering from a shoulder operation.

During practice, you sensed that no one came here to “just race” and this was fast becoming a battle that no driver was willing to loose. Qualify would be the only manner to determine who would lead the field to the “A” Main.

Qualify positions were as follows: 1st Quintin Saayman, 2nd Willy Zurich, 3rd Cedric Saffy, 4thAlan Saffy, 5th Anton Coetzee, 6th Kenny Gouws, 7th Edward Saayman, 8th Warrick Thompson, 9th Johan Beukes, 10th Ivan Gray, 11th Stan Hodkinson, 12th Cristopher Pieterse, 13th Johan Strause & 14th Frank Du Plessis.

Heat Race 1 Results: 1st Willy Zurich, 2nd Johan Beukes, 3rd Edward Saayman, 4th Cedric Saffy, 5th Anton Coetzee & 6th Stan Hodkinson.

Heat Race 2 Results: 1st Warrick Thompson, 2nd Alan Saffy, 3rd Quintin Saayman, 4th Kenny Gouws, 5th Ivan Gray, 6th Christopher Pieterse & 7th Frank Du Plessis.

Six drivers missed the transfer spot and had to participate in the “B” Main and work there way back into the “A” Main.

B-Main Results: 1st Anton Coetzee, 2nd Ivan Gray, 3rd Stan Hodkinson,4th Johan Straus & Cristopher Pieterse.

After a welcome break, it was now time for the “BIG ONE”. All the cars were fired up and ready to race. The traditional SCRA three-wide salute sent shivers up ones spine as the crowds stood at attention acknowledging the drivers. 

Signaling one lap to go to the start of the 20 Lap Feature, Quintin Saayman led the pack around the Klerksdorp Oval. As the saying goes “When the green flag drops, the bullsh*t stops” and this was not going to be any different. Quintin got the start he desperately needed and outran Willy into the first corner. Cedric Saffy followed with Kenny Gouws making up a position by passing Alan Saffy. Anton Coetzee held on to 6th position with Edward Saayman chasing hard. It was not to be Edward’s day as his power steering belt broke and left him with an un-drivable car.  Warrick Thompson’s bad luck streak continued as he lost his Right Rear tire going into turn 3. The race was brought under yellow and the pack once again grouped to take up the re-start. On the re-start Quintin was off never to be seen again. He led the race from green to chequred.

Anton Coetzee had a scary last lap incident when his oil pipe burst, sending oil directly onto his exhaust engulfing his entire car in flames. Anton walked away unscathed, and not having any serious damage to the car.

20 Lap “A” Main Final Positions: Quintin Saayman, Willy Zurich, Cedric Saffy, Kenny Gouws, Alan Saffy, Edward Saayman, Johan Beukes, Ivan Gray, Stan Hodkinson & Christopher Pieterse.

Next Meeting: Welkom Oval - 1st March 2003.

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