Sprint car racing has been in South Africa for many years. Many have come and gone and many have stuck around. It was only at the start of 2002 that a group of drivers and keen supporters got together and the Sprint Car Racers Association was born. In its first year it hailed great success and it was only the start of better things to come.

The series features 360 cubic inch powered sprint cars that race on tracks around the country. The cars are fully imported from the USA, but there is always the chance of picking up a good used car that with the correct enthusiasm could go far. The frames are built from chrome-molly and weigh in the region of 650 – 700kg fully assembled. With 700hp to back it up one could not argue that this must be the ultimate thrill.

Since the start of the association, Wynn’s South Africa saw the potential and the jumped aboard thus the name, “Wynn’s Thunder Sprint Car Series”.  After only the first season of racing many new sponsors were secured which in turn has made it a little easier for the drivers to afford the sport which they love. Drivers are now paid to race at tracks and with prize money on the line it is becoming more competitive every race.

Tremendous growth has taken place and a field of up to eighteen cars could be seen heading up the evenings events.

A typical night of racing will start of with practice being followed by the qualification rounds. Drivers are give a number of hot laps and then the get three laps to produce the best time possible. The qualification determines where the driver starts in the heat races. Heat racers are made up of two or three racers depending on the size of the field. The first three cars to cross the line in these races will automatically keep there qualifying position and transfer directly to the “Feature Race”. The drivers who fail to do this will make there way to the “B” Main event and then have to fight there way back into the main event. Going into the “Feature Race” the drivers will line up three abreast and salute the crowds for there support.

It is then when the most important event of the night is to take place, “The Feature Race”.  All the cars take up there positions. Roaring around the Oval Track, fifteen to eighteen drivers get ready to drive the race of there lives. The Crowd goes wild. You get goose flesh and a chill down your spine as they pass you by. Twenty laps of the most awesome racing you have ever seen is about to take place. The green flag drops and you no how the saying goes, “When the green flag drops the bullsh*t stops”.

After the Feature Race has passed the three top finishes stop at the feet of the crowd and photos are taken.

This is not something you would want to miss out on and we advise that the next time these guys come to town, you make all efforts to see them in action. See our calendar for more information.