The Track: Klerksdorp Oval Track

The Date: 24 January 2003

The Event: The first round of the 2003 Wynn’s Sprint Car Thunder series.

The Afternoon started with very hot conditions, but soon clouds gathered and the heavens opened. The rain came down midway through the qualify session. It worked out perfectly for the drivers who first took to the track to set there quick times. Unfortunately the second half of the field had to settle for slower times and the back of the pack.

Qualify positions were as follows: 1st – Warrick Thompson in the Trevor Moore Car followed by Anton Coetzee 2nd. 3rd Johan Beukes, 4th Ivan Gray, 5th Cedric Saffy, 6th Quintin Saayman, 7th Kenny Gouws, 8th Alan Saffy (jnr), 9th Edward Saayman, 10th Frank Du Plessis, 11th David Gobey & 12th Stan Hodkinson.

Heat Race 1 Results: 1st Alan Saffy (jnr), 2nd Quintin Saayman, 3rd Anton Coetzee, 4th Stan Hodkinson, 5th Ivan Gray

Heat Race 2 Results: 1st Edward Saayman, 2nd Cedric Saffy, 3rd Warrick Thompson, 4th Kenny Gouws, 5th David Gobey, 6th Johan Beukes.

Both heat races were run in the rain, but this did not give any driver a reason not to push as hard as possible. Six drivers missed the transfer spot and the opportunity of a direct path to the “A” Main. They had to take part in the “B” Main and work there way back into the main event.

B-Main Results: 1st Kenny Gouws, 2nd Johan Beukes, 3rd David Gobey, 4th Ivan Gray, 5th Stan Hodkinson & Frank Du Plessis

The rain finally calmed, and the “A” Main grid positions were determined. Now the time to race had come.

All 12 cars were fired up and the feature was ready to go green, but could not start without the traditional SCRA three-wide salute to the tremendous crowd at the fast Klerksdorp oval. The crowd did an incredible job in cheering on the field that was being lead by Warrick Thompson and Anton Coetzee.

The feature started with Coetzee taking the lead and looking like the car to beat. Unfortunately, a slow puncture took its toll and Coetzee had to watch the cars go by. Warrick Thompson took a nasty bang as he made contact with the unforgiving concrete barrier. Emergency crew, were quick on the scene. Thompson walked away unhurt, but this could not be said for the car. It was on the restart that Cedric Saffy saw the gap and never looked back. Followed by a hard chasing Kenny Gouws and Quintin Saayman, Saffy could not afford to relax. Running behind them Edward Saayman did a tremendous job coming through the field. Alan Saffy (jnr) ran fifth with David Gobey and Ivan Gray chasing hard from behind.

20 Lap “A” Main Final Positions: Cedric Saffy, Kenny Gouws, Quintin Saayman, Edward Saayman, Alan Saffy (jnr), David Gobey, Ivan Gray, Anton Coetzee, Stan Hodkinson & Johan Beukes.

The Next Meeting will again be held on the Klerksdorp Oval on the 22nd February 2003. 

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