5.1 When the starter indicates that the hot laps are over, all competitors are to take up their positions in a single file. Once all cars are in position, the starter will indicate that they be allowed to take up the starting positions "side by side".
5.2 If a competitor withdraws from the race, the position will be taken up by the next competitor. Example, if the competitor in the 5th (fifth) position leaves the track, the competitor in the 6th position (sixth) place will move into the 5th (fifth) position.
5.3 Once all the cars are in position, the starter will bring out the white flag, meaning one lap until the start of the race.
5.4 If there is no pace car present, the competitor on "Pole Position" sets the pace. This pace will be slightly faster than idle speed. If a warning is given to any competitor and he/she disobeys, or any disregard is shown towards the starter, he/she will be sent to the rear of the pack.
5.5 The race will be started after the white flag was shown the previous lap.
5.6 The flag will be dropped any time being between the entrance and exit of turn four (4). An orange indicates the position where the race is to be started, may also be used.
5.7 If an accident takes place before the start of the race, the competitors will move back into a  single file position and the start will resume again as illustrated in 5.1 - 5.6
5.8 If the COC determines that a "false start" has occurred, the yellow flag will be shown to all competitors on the completion of the first lap. The competitors will take up their positions as if at the start of the race and await starters instructions.
5.9 The race starts when the starter drops the flag and not when the cars pass the stop/start. Any competitor accelerating from the pace set on the lap before the flag drops, will be deemed as a jumping start.
5.10 A complete restart will be allowed one jump start. If the same competitor again jumps the start, he/she will be sent to the rear of the pack. No competitor will be penalized if the pole sitter has mechanical failure on the start.
5.11 A complete restart will be called, if an accident takes place within the first lap of the race.
5.12 Judge of the facts will have say on a car being mechanically sound to continue competing in the race.
5.13 The first lap will be completed when the first car crosses the start/finish line.